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There is talk of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” all around us.

Unlike the initial industrial revolution, in which the steam engine and the abundance of factory chimneys were the symbols of change, Forth industrial revolution has been completely altering the world as we know it unseen.

McKinsey & Company has reported that the influence of AI technologies on the scale of the world economy will reach 13 trillion US Dollars, or 14.5 quadrillion Korean Won.

Blockchain technology has become the new paradigm of industrial revolution. Further to financial sector, blockchain technology has expended its influence on manufactures, logistics, and medical field.

New technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology, and Blockchain technology have become the new engine of growth for our society.

Professor Paul Romer, this year’s Nobel Prize laureate in Economics, stated that the invisible ‘Ideas and Technological discoveries’ are the new driving force of economic growth, rather than ‘Financial and Physical’ capital.

Imagination and Creativity will be the invisible power that spurs the developmentof our society.

TV Chosun hopes to study in detail the “invisible forces” that are changing the world in the company of renowned scholars and global entrepreneurs.

TV Chosun Chairman
Hong  Too  Pyo